Part Three

1970 - Music Man and G&L Some of Fender's most widely known and loved contributions to music were developed in the 1970s, when Leo Fender designed guitars, basses and amplifiers for the Music Man corporation, and in 1976 designed and released another innovative instrument, the StingRay. Though the body design borrowed heavily from the Precision Bass, the StingRay is largely considered to be the first production bass with active electronics.

The StingRay's 2-band active equalizer, high output humbucking pickup and smooth satin finished neck went on to become a favorite of many influential bassists, including John Deacon and Tim Commerford. Later on a 3-band active equalizer was introduced. In 1979 he and old friends George Fullerton and Dale Hyatt started a new company called G&L. Music Man is still producing exccellent Stingrays and other bass models under the Ernie Ball insignia, one of their staunchest supporters being Albert Lee who uses Music Man guitars and amps. to produce music in a fashion that is envied by, and not matched by most musicians.

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