Chevin Tenor banjo

Chevin tenor banjo

Chevin were a major maker of high quality banjos and jazz band instruments in Paris in the 1920s and 30s. Their instruments were played in French music hall music, the accordion-led bands you associate with French street music, and in jazz bands when jazz and the Americans arrived. Their banjos included guitar banjos (Django used one early on) and Jazz tenor banjos like the one here. Akira Tsumura was a Japanese lover of banjos. He put together the best collection of banjos in the world and produced a number of books about his collection and banjo history – the biggest is called ‘1001 banjos’ and is too heavy to pick up! In the 1990s he got into trouble with the Japanese authorities and got thrown into prison. His people were instructed to hide his banjos, and they were found in 2007 in a barn in a remote part of Japan. The Chevin 6-string guitar banjos are great.Hopefully I will get one of those soon, in the meantime, this superb tenor banjo was one of the original collectionand now it's part of my meagre collection.

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