Last Updated on: June 10, 2012

A blind alley is usually known as such because it comes to asudden end and takes you nowhere. We have tried to make this one different as it's primarily an alley for blind people that gives you links to places giving you what you want and not a dead end. If you have any suggestions for programs that you find accessable then drop me an email and we can include them. Likewise, there is a page on hardware that I have found I can use, i.e. I can't use the modern sound studios as all options are selected using lcd displays and multiselect buttons with no way of knowing what is selected without eyes, so it's a case of finding tools that can be used without the help of a second person. Any suggestions you can contribute that come from personal experience is always welcome. I am also compiling a list of sites that really annoy me as there is no reason why sites should be so inaccessable in this day and age. It's usually because the so-called authors either can't be bothered or don't know their ass from their elbow so any you find crap, send me an email and we'll name and shame them.

Send to the email address on the home page with blindalley in the subject line.