Last Updated on: June 10, 2012

This page is partly to save you wasting your time with crap sites and partly to shame the useless group of highly paid web designers that make our life a misery. In my experience, the no.1 site to avoid is friends reunited. What a load of crap. I have been a member for about 3 years and still can't find a way of negotiating it. Like ebay (a slightly better site) it could be a great boon to blind people but instead it is just a nightmare. Frames full of untagged graphics that only retort 'click to find out more' when you pass over them, edit fields that only retort 'edit' when you enter them with no prior warning of what you are supposed to enter and frames that only return a number or some unintangible abbreviation when you bring up a frames list in an effort to get to something like a log in button that somehow rarely shows its ugly head. If I could find a solicitor willing to claim expenses from a successful court case I reckon I would gladly spend the rest of my life making claims for discrimination against these useless gits who deliberately disregard the equal right, human rights and disability accessability acts or whatever other technical name you want to give them.I can only shop using the computer and ebay has provided me a way of buying my wife a birthday present and most of my recording equipment but trying to sell something is a completely different kettle of fish. I opened an ebay shop for a short while with the help of a sighted friend but as always, his interest faded as he had his own life to live and when I had the useual customer who tried to con me I found that getting around the email customer support was not something I could do because the form fields had no description linked, all you get is 'edit' on every field but when a sighted person helps and you finally get a reply, all you get is a section of the help file thats been copied and pasted into an email which usually doesnt help at all. If you then reply stating that wasn't what you wanted to know and rephrase the question or statement, they then copy and paste a different section which isn't what you wanted either. I gave up trying to speak to a human and my friend had lost interest so I had to close down the shop and give up. Basicly, because I have no eyes and it's too much to hope that ebay could employ programmers that know how to write html properly. I don't know either, but I have a really good friend who does most of the work for me and he takes care to ensure it's working properly with a screen reader before it's put on line. So, now I have got it off my chest, send me an email withsome of your grouses and name and shame some of dthese sites and I will add them to the list. Top of the list: