Last Updated on: June 10, 2012


We hope you will find these links useful and not a dead end. If you have any suggestions for programs that you find accessable then drop me an email and we can include them.

An excellent free program for reading books in an mp3 format is 1by1. I use it as you can press the spacebar at any point within an mp3, close the program, come back another day and start the program, press the spacebar and carry on from where you left off as long as you don't close the book in the meantime and, say, use the program to play other files, like music. It is small enough to install purely as a book reader and use media player or winamp for your music without any conflicts. Only thing worth mentioning is that when using it, always go to the menu and select compact mode once the book has started otherwise every time it starts the next file Jaws reads out the file name off the title bar which is annoying. You select the folder containing the files and it plays them in order unless you select other. Great.

A text to speech reader called ultra hal, which probably isn't useful as such when you have a screen reader, is below but this one is different in as much as it converts text to wave file as well. Useful sometimes.

Another mp3 player which has a good write-up for accessability, although I haven't tried it yet is Media Monkey. If you try it, let me know what it's like.

Overdrive is basicaly an add-on for media player to allow you to buy books and read them. A similar system to Audible in as much as it doesn't seem to allow you to play any other type of file through it's interface. I may be wrong, but I couldn't find a way. Even so, it's another option as Audible doesn't seem to do much in the way of reference books on music and guitars. I haven't looked at what books these do yet but the program seems easy enough to use.

The other option as mentioned is Audible. In the U.K. its


Here is a really good program to make Iriverss, Ipods and many other mp3 players accessable and it's free because it's open source. If you are not very computer literate then go to the hardware page for the Accessable Electronics link and you can buy an mp3 player with it already installed and set up for around 50 (60usd). Otherwise:

Here's a few links for many free programs that are accessable.

Another good site for music programs is nch. You can get free copies of wavepad, which is one of the best I have found for blind users, recordpad which is again fully useable from the keyboard, switch which converts file types and express burn which is an easy to navigate although a bit limited in functionality, even in the purchased bersion. Still it costs nothing to try the free ones.