Gretsch Anniversary 1958


The Gretsch Anniversary series debuted in 1958 as a celebration of 75 years since the company’s founding. In what must be among the longest anniversary celebrations ever, Gretsch has pretty much kept on making Annies ever since. In fact, they’ve celebrated a few new anniversaries along the way. For many, the ultimate vintage Annies are the originals. For the first two years, Anniversary models were equipped with FilterTron humbuckers, making them essentially a budget-priced 6120. All they lack are the bound f-holes and headstock of the more upscale models and a stock Bigsby. This brings me to the one shown here. It is a 1958 model and although it looks like a double anniversary there seems to be some doubt. For one thing, the bridge pickup looks shinier looking more like an early sixties pickup than a fifties. The second thing is that the volume and tone controls on the lower bout, which were not there on a single anniversary, seem to be slightly in the wrong position looking at pictures of a double anniversary, so, it could well be a 1958 single anniversary which had the extras added in the early sixties to make it into the more desirable double anniversary. To me, it makes no difference, to all effects it is a double anniversary of the first year of manufacture regardless of protocol. It is quite possible all the anniversaries didn't have all the knobs in precisely the same position and maybe a pickup was faulty and was changed in the early sixties or maybe it was a single anniversary which was later converted to a double, whichever it was, nothing changes the fact that it is in immaculate condition and it is now a double pickup model, It sounds and plays great. I love it.One thing that makes anniversary models less desirable, in general, is that the later ones had the high/low tron pickups which are not as good sounding as the filtertrons. Another plus to this guitar.

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