Gretsch Country Gent 1967

country gent

Here is an incredible country gent from 1967 and before you dismiss it as having binding problems as many did from that era,this one has original binding in perfect condition with absolutely no signs of perishing.Gretsch did use 3 different suppliers for binding and as far as I know only one of those supplied that inferior binding that caused gretsch so much trouble. This is obviously one that came from the decent supplier. The paintwork isalso excellent and is not the mahogany colour that looks more like a shitty brown but has the proper reddish tinge that decent mahogany has, although I find it a bit queer that a body made totally of maple should be painted a mahogany colour Ha. In fact, this is truly a rare find both in conditionand it is one of those where gretsch made a mistake. Although on the guitar it says 'chet atkins country gentleman', on the pick guard it says 'chet atkins country gentlemen'. This was a mistake made only on a few guitars before it was corrected so it makes it even more desirable collector wise.     

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