Streamliner 6120

streamliner 6120

This is one of the new streamliner models made in Indonesia that sells new at 375 at Andersons Music. Having tried an Indonesian made Les Paul junior a few years ago and been totally turned off any guitars made there it took a bit of strong will to order this Gretsch to see if they had got as good as the Chinese makers but to my surprise they have. Woodwork, finish and metalwork are all up to chinese standard now but as with chinese pickups they are ok for a lot of players who don't seem to have a fixation on the soung a Gretsch should have but to me they had that slight overdrive edge sound that I don't like so I fitted a couple of TV Jones to it and I can't fault it now. Admittadly the pickups almost doubled the price of the guitar but it's still peanuts compared with buying a fully fledged Gretsch brand new. Verdict? I love it as a play guitar because it doesn't matter if I scratch it or bang it.

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