Gretsch Viking 1972


This is a Gretsch Viking and in general I don't think they are very well loved. I have another one which is a 1968 and it's away having the binding replaced. The main reason they were not very popular is because apart from the silly tuning device that Chet Atkins devised, which to ordinary people is a hunk of metal that gets in the way and rattles all the time, so most people threw them away, is the fact that they were fitted with supertron pickups rather than filtertrons. However in 1971/2 they made some with filtertrons but I think the damage was already done and they stopped making them in 72. This one is a 1972 with filtertrons and it still has the Chet Atkins tuner in the case. Wow I always wanted one of those. Seriously though, with filtertrons and the all maple body it is really a country gent with f holes (plus a small hole at the bridge where the tuner gadget fits)It also has the better bigsby arm, a round lever, bent with a knob on the end, much better than that flat thing. Its in incredible condition and the binding is perfect.

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