Guild Blackstar 1962


This is a beautiful 1962 example of a much sought after and rare guitar. The Blackstar or sometimes known as a Blackfire, depending who wrote the label inside. The labels were written by hand and depending on the craftsman depended on which one it was called. The standard starfire was usually a mahogony body and the blackstar/fire was a maple body although evidently, even some of the starfires came out with a maple body but this was an occasional one, probably because in these early days of Guild, instruments were sometimes made of whatever materials were available,, within reason of course. The blackstars however were only made for about 2 years with a further year of special orders. They were also finished with a black stain which quickly faded to a brownish black and then disappeared altogether. Mine only has a small patch on the back which resembles a one time black stain but the rest of the guitar looks lovely with it's maple grain as the one photographed in the Guild book is.Funnily enough, the standard starfires were finished properly and don't suffer the same fate.

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