Guild Starfire 6

Starfire 6

1978 guild starfire 6 stereo/mono. This is top of the starfire range with 2 guild humbuckers and a coil tap switch. It should be only stereo but I have fitted a tush/pull volume control on the bridge pickup which when pushed down to it's home position retains it's stereo configuration but when pulled out it sends both pickups to the tip of the jack as in a normal mono guitar. It works perfectly and I don't know why this idea isn't used by manufacturers. I also did idt to my gibson 355 stereo and it has worked fine for a long time now. One advantage is that you can put the original pot back in without any major wiring alterations as none have been done. All you need to do is select the mode you want and connect either a stereo lead or normal mono lead, whichever you need. The Starfire 6 has a fantastic neck profile and everybody who has played it has commented on the easy playability and the great sound.

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