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Introduction to Poet's Alley

How would you define poetry?
It's a very complicated answer, if there is one, that is. I suppose in it's basic definition it is something written, or spoken, that evokes a spirit of beauty when describing a viewpoint of a happening which may be good or bad in it's natural state. Then there are rhymes which may or not be poetic as such but are often light hearted verses or sartorial verses both of which are slotted into a classification under poetry. In this section we invite anyone who writes any of the above to email them to me and we will put them up here for people to read for entertainment or if you wish to have a link to your own site or an email address to be included so that others can get in touch with you or to promote your work then fine, send me the details. There's no costs involved, it is purely for interest and to help any budding talent to demo their work. I am not in a position to be judgemental as to the quality so don't worry about whether it is good enough, however, the sort of rhymes you find on toilet walls will not be included. Keep it clean please.

As you tread through life

by J.C.

One never means to hurt one
One really does care
OOPS! I never saw
That beetle, sitting there.