Vox Clubman 2


The clubman came out in about 1958 and in the early sixties it was just about the only electric guitar that youngsters could afford. It came in two models, a 1 pickup version and a 2 pickup version, hence clubman 1 and clubman 2. They were fitted with a co-ax type socket for connection to an amp so this comes with a new lead with co-ax plug on one end and a standard 6mm jack plug on the other end. This is a clubman 2 from the late fifties made in Dartford Kent and most guitarists of my age have experience and fond, or not so fond, memories of those times when Vox ruled England with their amps and affordable guitars. Of course, lets not forget Woolworths with their Top Twenty range of guitars in the early sixties, but thats another story.

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