Here is a small collection of guitars ans amps that made history in the world of music. The amps consist of the famous vox ac30 which dates at 1965 which really put vox on the map as they were used by just about every top band in the sixties, for instance, to name a few, the beetles. the shadows the kinks and Queen who still use them to this present day. Vox, as you probably know was started by J.M.I. or Jennings Musical Industries of Dartford in Kent to use their full name. Their success was so big that needing further cash investments they partnered up with another company. This led to failure towards the end of the sixties so Mr. Jennings started again as J.E.I., Jennings Electrical Industries but this sadly, only lasted a few years. One of the amps this company produced is the amp in the picture which dates from about 1971 basically using the same vox design of no negative return. Also there is a vertical stack of speakers known as the vox ls40 which also has a stand to set them at different angles. The cab is primarily designed for the p.a. and this one has the kinks name scratched into the back which is a common practice so that roadies know what belongs to whom. However I cannot vouch for the authenticity of this although I did purchase them from a proffessional musician who is currently doing fairly well. The guitars consist of a vox clubman made in the late fifties, clubman bass, dominator made in the early sixties, vox ace probably early to mid sixties and a vox lynx made in Italy in probably mid to late sixties. This lynx however is the only one I have heard of that has brass metalwork as you can see by the photo. The early vox guitars were made by a local furniture maker and the electrics fitted by vox. I am told that at sometime the woodwork was done by g-plan . Wonders will never cease. The early guitars used a plug like a television aerial socket and the guitars in this collection, if fitted with a co-ax socket have all been checked with new sockets fitted if needed. They also come with brand new leads with the correct plug for the guitar on one end and a 6mm jack plug on the other end to suit the amps. The price for the whole collection is 5400 which is around 1000 less than if sold individually.