Vox J.E.I. amp

J.E.I. amp

After the demise of vox came J.E.I. Jennings Electrical Industries which unfortunately only lasted for 3 or 4 years and this is one of the amps they produced. The early seventies was a time when Fender started to rule the roost with the Fender Twin Reverb amongst other models but I think it may have been the twin reverb that this amp was designed to compete with. It has a very potent spring reverb with various adjustments Plus two input channels with various settings. The result however is an amp which is larger in physical dimensions with a very strong spring reverb if thats what you want but with the vox clarity of sound. I like it, but it's big and heavy, fine if you have it for home use but too heavy to stick in a van to gig unless you have two strong men to move it.

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