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Perhaps its time you had a little help.
Below are some useful contacts for coaching in the Eastbourne area.


For guitar or mandolin tuition, or repairs new strings etc.
Kelvin Message. Eastbourne (01323)734506 All styles and ages catered for.


If you live in the Farnham Surrey areaor you can try Nigel Coombes for guitar lessons, on 07883042686

To help those who help themselves there are web sites where you can download tab sheets and music files for beginners, intermediate and advanced players with a program that enables you to alter the speed at which a tune is played. Give them a look, we have included some links below. for tab sheets and there you will find a link to for the program download.


There is also a version available for the Mac user.


If you are looking for new pickups or other spares , we have included some links below.

One of the biggest and best is Stewart Macdonald. They supply just about everything you will ever need for a guitar, mandolin or banjo and all the tools and consumables to equip any luthiers workshop.Look at their website, order a catalogue and while you are there, sign up for their ;Trade Secrets; newsletter. This sends you an email each week telling you how to do all sorts of repairs and even if you have no intention of doing them yourself they do at least give you an understanding of what is entailed etc. The site is:

Other sites with a large selection are:

Kelvin Message has been doing repairs for over 30 years and his customers have included Jeff Lynne, Peter Green and Roger Daltry to name but a few. He also keeps a selection of used vintage bits and bobs. If you love guitars and think you know about guitars then have a quick look at our History of the Guitar the untold story before moving on, you may be surprised at what you didn't know.

Below are links to other items of interest.